highest quality machinery and service in the industry

Since 1990, account excecutives at Plastics Machinery Group have fostered a culture in which meticulous note-taking and data mining are a priority, and awareness of market forces and activity are the norm. Our excutives at Plastics Machinery Group contact over 30,000 customers every six to eight weeks to not only market and source equipment and machinery but information as well. This has provided Plastics Machinery Group with over 20 years of purchasing data and unparalleled market intelligence that we leverage to our customers’ advantage.

With our finger on the pulse of the industry and a keen focus on customer service, Plastics Machinery Group delivers the kind of results that have made it one of the most trusted names in plastics. Employing a big-picture approach to our relationships, Plastics Machinery Group examines the entire situation and devises customized and creative solutions that not only fulfill your immediate need but strongly position you for future opportunities.