highest quality machinery and service in the industry

Plastics Machinery Group Overview

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Plastics Machinery Group is a leader in the plastics industry by providing the highest quality machinery and service to its plastic processing customers. Our team of Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers specialize in thermoforming equipment, injection molding equipment, blow molding equipment, extrusion, grinders / shredders as well as plastic auxiliary products.

Plastics Machinery Group is known as an industry-innovator with the ability to think outside of the box and leverage technology to its clients' benefits' by creating a competitive advantage and quality machines. In addition to providing machinery that manufacturers need, PMG uses its technical expertise, unparalleled market intelligence and industry-reach to deliver solutions through a variety of services. We offer appraisals, merger and acquisition consulting, comprehensive factory planning and design, parts stock auditing and management, and refurbishment.

Our team has fostered a culture in which quality service to our clients, along with meticulous note-taking and data mining are priority. Awareness of the market forces and activity are the norm. We contact over 88,000 customers every six to eight weeks. Not only do we keep in contact to market and source machines, but also to continue developing and maintaining strong relationships. Our methods provide us with years of purchasing data, and successful transactions.

We welcome you to experience the PMG difference. We now offer a one of a kind "Auto Mall" style "show room" where you can view and inspect machines under power.  Plastics Machinery Group delivers results that have made it one of the most trusted names in plastics. Employing the big-picture approach to our relationships, we examine the entire situation and devise customized and creative solutions that not only fulfill your immediate need, but strongly position you for future opportunities.