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Inline Profile Measuring System, Pixargus

PCD-X360 (Type 856M.F.D)  Inline Profile Measurement System
* Max profile size 40mm
* FOV 40mm
* Opening 60mm
* Special camera position of 2 cameras for Camaro profile
* 5 x type 6 measuremnt cameras
* Industrial PC (encapsulated)
* Industrial 15" Touchscreen Panel (encapsulated)
* Aluminum system frame
* Inline profile measurement software
* Unlimited number of measurments
* Measurement Editor (works on reference shot or DFC-CAD drawings.)
* Online trend graphs
* Online profile marketing software

Add on Camera Module, Type 6
* Software packages
* Adds one additional Camera to the PCD-X360

* Module for external signal I/O
* 16 Input/12 Output Channels

Stack Light + Alarm Buzzer
*  Red indicates that dimensions are out of tolerances
* Yellow indicates exceeded warning tolerances
* Green indicates everything is within specs
* Alarm buzzer can be configured to Red and Yello status

Solid State Disk (Flash HDD)




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