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Winder, 60" Davis Standard Duplex

*60" Duplex Winder
*Maximum Web Width   60 Inches
*Minimum/Maximum Line Speed 10 to 300 FPM                            
*Maximum Roll Diameter 32 Inches
*Core (Inside Diameter)    6 or 3 Inches
*Core Outside Diameter Tolerance 6-5/8", +/- 1/8" on diameter
2,000lbs Rolls

*Turret assembly with an open center phantom axis design.
*Spindle drives and chucks mounted to turret.
*Indexing through an AC gear motor with brake.

*Chucks of a self-centering design.
*Pneumatic engagement/retraction.
*Shaft cradles included.
*Safety latches to prevent unintended retraction.

*AC Drives to each winding spindle.
*Tension and start/stop in operator's panel.
*Speed matching for smooth transfers.

*Center Slit assembly utilizing Tidland Class III rotary shear
*Dancer roll assembly for sensing web tension.
*Controls mounted on winder side frame.
*Machine sequencing through an Allen Bradley PLC.
*Operator touch screen interface with pushbuttons and web path shown on screen.

*Taper of winding tension as roll grows.
*Electronically regulated, adjustable at console.

*Manual Cut and transfer to new core at slower line speeds or 
 automatic transfer using a traversing knife via a pre-taped or glued core.
*Tapered edge tail on leading edge due to cut at operating line speed without use of an accumulator, on    thin gauge material, i.e. </= 30 mil thick. 

Web Static Eliminator








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