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Zeiss CMM O inspect 543, 2019

Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine
Measuring range: (X = 500 mm, Y =400 mm, Z = 300 mm)
O-INSPECT measuring machines unite optical and contact measuring technology in a
single system, thus covering a large range of part inspection and comprehensive
analysis options. Instead of various special devices, O-INSPECT is all you need.
• Linear measuring error, per ISO 10360-2:2009, with VAST XXT:
E0 XY (3D) = (1.9 + L/250) µm, MPE_P = 1.9 µm
• Scanning performance, per ISO 10360-4:2000, with VAST XXT:
MPE_THP = 2.7 µm in 55 sec
• Linear measuring error, per ISO 10360-7:2011, for DISCOVERY.V12 zoom
lens: EB XY (2D) = (1.7 + L/250)µm
• Admissible temperature range for specifications 18-22°C
• Integrated transmitted-light system
• Pre-wired for DotScan Sensor compatibility.
• Standard numerical control panel with movable support
• 25 mm diameter calibration sphere and holder
• Standard power cord (623534-3079-000)
• Acceptance documents, user manuals
Optical Sensor
ZEISS Discovery Optical zoom sensor comprised of:
• CCD camera integrated in measuring machine
• 12x Discovery zoom lens
• 8-sector ring light, with high-power red and blue LEDs
• Dual color, coaxial transmitted-light system for zoom lens
• Calypso image analysis option
• Reference template for Discovery zoom Sensor incl. calibration of template with
Scanning Sensor
ZEISS scanning sensor system comprising:
• Choice of VAST XXT TL1 or TL3 passive scanning probe
• 30mm long, 5 mm diameter reference stylus
• VAST XXT probe rack with 3 storage location
System requires upgraded computer to run latest software
System requires software upgrade
Does not include clamping system
Does not include fixturing plate
Does not include magnetic corner fixture
Does not include Star probe
Part #:
O Inspect 543