Accumulator Head Rebuild Program

Plastics Machinery Group is rebuilding
Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machines

Need Additional Machinery /Capacity?

Don’t want to wait the long lead times or pay the inflated price for a new machine?  We are rebuilding used machines to have in stock at our facility.

Have an Older Machine?

Do you have an older machine that isn’t performing at the level your company needs?  We can rebuild your machine for you.

Struggling to Get Parts?

Do you have a machine that has good bones but it’s a struggle to get parts?  We can offer certain controls and upgrades without removing the machine from your facility.

Our Spare No Expense, Standard Rebuild
for a Machine Includes:

  • New Maco Compact Controller
  • Complete Clamp Rebuild
  • Rebuilt Heads
  • New heater bands on Heads
  • New AC Motor and Drive
  • Cool to touch barrel heaters
  • All new hydraulic hoses
  • Replace accumulator bladders
  • New Part Take out

Before and After

Dual 15_BEFORE 1
Dual 15_BEFORE 2
Dual 15_BEFORE 3
Dual 15 - after
Dual 15_BEFORE 4
Dual 15_AFTER 4