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Meccanoplastica JET120 Injection Blow Molder

Injection & Blow station
The movements of closing and opening of the moulds is operated by independents
SIEMENS brushless motors. Clamping force of the moulds is operated by Siemens
brushless motors and is automatically adjustable during the machine calibrations
in relation of the real clamping performance required by the application.

- Injection mould closing force: 1000 kN 110 TONS
- Blow mould closing force: 200 kN 22 TONS
- Max die set dimensions mm: 1200 X 500 47,24” X 19.68”
- Opening stroke mm: 152 6”
- Indexing head
The 120° rotation movement is realized by indexing mechanical system actuated by
electric motor driven by an inverter for rotating speed regulation.
- Standard trigger bar length mm: 1010 39.76”
- Machine centre of pressure mm: 147 5.78”
- Swing radius mm: 800 31.49”
- Bottles taking off system
Pick-off plate is managed by an electric brushless motor through a rack-pinion
transmission and a pneumatic cylinder for the 90° rotation of the bottles.
Stroke & speed of take-out system are totally adjustable from machine operation
- Horizontal Injection Unit Ø70x24D – General purpose screw profile
- Screw diameter mm: 70 2.75”
- L/D: 24
- Number of heating zones: 4
- Real injection capacity (HDPE) gr.: 570 20 oz
- Plasticizing rate gr/sec: 79
- Max injection speed mm/sec: 75 2.95”/sec
- PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7 1500
- 15” touch color Simatic HMI TP1500 Comfort
- 8 zones thermoregulations system for hot runner
- UPS for PLC protection from supply micro interruption
- Modem for the online support.
- Servomotors: Siemens
- Drivers: Siemens SINAMICS Series S                   
Part #:
JET 120