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2005 Kiefel KMD 75 BSS

  • Top and Bottom Heat
  • Servo Index
  • Form, Trim, Stack
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Welex 53” Wide Complete Sheet line

  • 4.5” 30:1 L/D
  • Water Cooled
  • PET-G Screw
  • 300hp Drive
  • 53" Wide Rolls
  • 17" Diameter Top Roll
  • 18" Diameter Bommor Rolls
  • 650-750lbs Per Hour
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2005 6'' Akron-Milacron 32:1 500 HP Extruder

  • 32:1 L/D
  • 500 HP Drive
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2000 APM 4' x 8' Single Station Thermoformer

  • Top and Bottom Stroke: 30"
  • Heat Source: Quartz
  • Top and Bottom Heat
  • Top and Bottom Zones: 18
  • Air Platen
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2010 KMT RoboTrim RT-502 Trim Cell

  • 5 Axis
  • 3/4" x 60" x 60" Table Size
  • 40" Z Height
  • Low Hours
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Sencorp 2500, NEW Stacker

  • Sencorp 2500 Stacker
  • 2014 NEW!!
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Sterling Double Double 40' 50LB Blow Molder

  • 180 Ton Clamp
  • Max/Min Daylight: 76"/16"
  • Maco 8000 Conroller



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Thermoforming Machinery and Equipment, Inc. specializing in the sale of Thermoformers, Inline Thermofomers, Roll Fed Machinery, Cut Sheet, Match Metal, Vacuum Formers, Trim Press, and CNC Routers.

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Battenfeld, Bekum, Cincinnati-Milacron, Hartig, IMPCO, Jomar, Kautex, Rocheleau, Sidel, Sterling, and Uniloy
Blowmolding Machinery and Equipment, Inc. Specializing in the sale of: Blowmolders, blowmolding machinery, suction blowmolder, accumulator blowmolders, continuous blowmolding machines, injection blowmolding machinery, used 3-D molders, used reciprocating machines. 

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Extrusion Machinery and Equipment, Inc. Specializing in the sale of: extruders, complete lines, profile extrusion, compounding extrusion, sheet extrusion, blown film extrusion, pelletizing extrusion, cast film extrusion.
Some industries that you will utlize extrusion machinery or auxillary parts are: pipe, tubing, hose, trim, agriculural, construction, medical, automotive trim, composite, lumber, plastics lumber, electrical, plastic sheet, film, bags, tarps, visqueen, compound, and reclaim.