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2013 Complete 1000mm Wide Colines Stretch Film Line

3- Layer Stretch Film Line, 1000mm wide


Primary Extruder
* 120mm Screw
* 30:1 L/D
* 200 kW Motor
* AC Motor and Drive
* Lever Screen Changer with Pawl

Secondary Extruders
* 60mm Screw
* 30:1 L/D
* 50 kW Motors
* AC Motors and Drives
* Lever Screen Changers

Includes pressure and temperature tranducers complete with digital displays and alarm

Includes framework for supporting extruders

Includes conveyor units for extruders complete with heaters


Flat Extrusion Die 1550mm ide, predisposed for automatic adjustment complete with bearing cart.

Vacuum box complete with piping and fan.

Edge fasteners with two independent terminals.


Chill-roll unit with a cylinder diameter of 960mm with AC motor drives, rotating joints and rubber coated cleaner cylinder.


Side-up movement device.

Haul-off unit with automatic longitude trim cutting, band slitting and conveying group to separate webs.

HANDspeedy - PLUS winder with automatic roll changeover, contact cylinder, transversal cutting, device for core and roll discharge.  -2" air-shafts to produce stretch film rolls for "manual" use 3" air-shafts to produce stretch film for automatic use.

Core storage rack for winder feeding


Suction device for trimmed edges BIGMOUTH, with milling and transport of the milled material, complete with re-feeding system placed in the 120mm Extruder.

General electric control equipment in air-conditioned container. 

Supervision system of line with HMI (Human Machine Interface) that includes:
a)  Supervisor (full management of recipes, production data and diagnostics
b)  FA (Fast Adjust) user-friendly managment for operators
c)  LC Live Check (intuitive advanced diagnostic system)

Teleservice, i.e. web service system for remote control by internet (from COLINES/ELAV) of work parameters of the line.

Centralized control desk of the line.

Accessories and electric, pneumatic, oleodynamic connections between the various machines.


Basic equipment for film thickness measuring complete with support structure for the assembling in line, video unit, codifying unit of the product, autodiagnosis unit.

Automatic chill-roll speed regulation.

System with microprocessor for the autmatic adjustment of die bolts.


Material:  LDPE
Type of extrusion structure:  ABC
Useful film width:  2 x 500mm
Min-Max film thickness:  8µm - 40µm.
Nominal tolerance values on film thickness:
 +/- 4% from 8µm - 20µm.
 +/- 3% from 20µm - 40µm.
Max Diameter of finished rolls with 2" Mandrells:  
Max Diameter of finished rolls with 3" Mandrells:  230mm
Internal diameter of cardboard cores:  2" / 3"
Daimeter of cast cylinder: 960mm
Max mechanical speed of line:  700 m/minute
Reel change cycle of winder:  14 seconds
Line voltage:  400 Volt 3 Phase
Frequency:  50Hz
Electric cabinet lighting voltage:  220v, 50Hz, single phase
Electric power installed:  620 kW
Ambient humidity during production:  Max 70%
Ambient temperature during production:  Max 30C
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